Birth and Women's Center

Birth and Women's Center

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At the Birth and Women's Center in Dallas, experienced Certified Nurse Midwives help women welcome the newest additions to their family in a safe and nurturing environment. Certified Nurse Midwives use a holistic approach that takes into account the mother's desires for her labor and delivery. Patients are encouraged to bring along a support team, including partners, friends, and extended family. Many women choose to labor or deliver their baby in water to provide natural pain relief. The goal is to capture the loving essence of a home birth, while still providing the oversight needs to ensure a positive outcome for both mother and baby. The center is three blocks from a major hospital and can quickly transfer patients if a medical problem develops.

Since opening in 1993, the Birth and Women's Center has accommodated more than 3,000 families who have chosen the center for delivery. Only 5 percent of patient admissions have resulted in a Cesarean birth, compared with the 40 percent or higher Cesarean birth rate of most major hospitals. Only 3 percent of infants have needed to be transferred to the hospital. However, the center encourages expectant mothers to be aware of the fact that complications can arise even if there are no known risk factors when a woman goes into labor.

Most major insurance plans provide coverage for birth centers staffed by Certified Midwives. A Birth and Women's Center representative is on hand to help make sure patients are able to take full advantage of the insurance benefits they have available.

The Birth and Women's Center facility is located within a beautiful 100-year-old Victorian home in the Swiss Avenue historic district. Tours are provided every Thursday from noon to 1 p.m.