zodiac birthstones

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There are few myths in which precious stones have magical powers. In Persian mythology, it was said that the world is sitting on a sapphire giant, to whom it is due to the blue color of the sky.

Rubies were a symbol of power and love in the Middle Ages, so the medieval princes presented to their knights trophies of precious stones. The diamond has long since become the girl's best friend, due to the sympathy of the famous Marilyn Monroe for these precious stones.

Precious stones have a protective, energizing, curative role and can help you achieve personal goals. Whether you want to have money, love, relationships, business success, or a career full of life, the crystals store in them not only the unscrupulous energies that conspire to realize your dreams, and an entire mineral history, meant to offer the eternity of the minerals I hide it in them.

Every precious stone that corresponds to your sign has the property of accentuating qualities and minimizing character flaws as much as possible. Here are the mystical properties of the most adored gems in relation to the zodiac where you were born:

Especially appreciated by the Aztecs, Egyptians and Tibetans, turquoise was used for making vessels, rings, brooches, bracelets and other jewelery. It was considered a stone of happiness in the Orient, and there is a belief that she is holding the bearer by the bite of the snakes. Turquoise is used to treat the diseases of the nose, throat, lungs, tone the heart, and improves vision. The colors range from blue, green-blue, green-apple to light-brown.