Hank Schafer

Pahrump, Nevada

DESERT RAT! age 68. Now landscaping my piece of desert here in pahrump..3 m.cycles, 56 vw bug,. I spend mucho time near lake almanor , ca... friends linda gwynn and mark coffi there.. my dog is Bisbee Bubba-girl. I got fat and lazy when my back gave out; probably from too much construction, m-cycles, and moving for Bekins. It sure wasn't the teaching that PHYSICALLY did me in. Then lithium fattens too... I sometimes still get bipolar, but aging is better for that... too many fav books, albums, movies to list. I was once borned again, then Buddhist, now backslidden, damn-near atheist. mabbe/sorta anarchist too.

  • Work
    • Retired
  • Education
    • Antelope Valley High School
    • Menlo School
    • U of Arizona Tucson, AZ