Angelo Bisbikis

San Francisco, California, United States

Angelo Bisbikis is a HAM radio operator and Electronics Technician who has currently been pursuing an MA degree in Emergency Management and Logistics since 2011. Mr. Bisbikis completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance at Depaul University and also studied at Honolulu Community College from 1999 till 2001. Angelo could’ve easily joined the business world with his degree, but decided that he could do more to make the world a better place by pursuing his current path in Emergency Management.
Mr. Bisbikis aims to provide communications support as a trained amateur radio technician to local communities affected by disasters. These include strengthening the capacities and preparedness of various communities to respond better when disaster strikes. Mr. Bisbikis hopes to be instrumental in promoting actions and activities that mitigate the tragic effects of natural and manmade disasters.
Angelo Bisbikis has always enjoyed anything that has to do with Electronics Engineering. He likes the Amateur Radio field in terms of how much it can contribute to humanitarian disaster relief assistance. He has always been fascinated by radio communications technology and how it can be used to improve disaster recovery and response efforts.

  • Education
    • American Military University