Bishal Paudel

I am a co-founder and CTO on Digitalaya Pvt. Ltd. I am working for small applications to complex business solutions including very huge ecommerce websites. My roles included setting structure of the website, ensuring code quality is maintained, setting up deadlines for each milestones and tasks for a team of 10 developer/designer/QA's, and working myself on the critical parts of the application always. At Neolinx, I worked for room booking system of a 5-star hotel. The application I developed was very robust and user-friendly that the same application was reused by a number of other hotels (by the same company) too. I was co-founder and CTO at Giga100 Pvt. Ltd. and created firmwares for electronics appliances. I used to program with C and Assembly language and worked with multiple electronics companies to build secure and critical firmwares.I love working on new technologies and try each of them if feasible. I love the way world is being changed by newer technologies and I want to be a part of it. The chose programming because it is capable of producing biger impacts and meaningful results with fewer efforts. I love meditating, hiking and socializing as well. I create and maintain large applications timely and with quality. I always follow TDD approach and always care for extendibility, reusability and readability with SOLID principles as uncle Bob suggested.I am working as a PHP/Javascript developer since 4 years. My PHP's framework of choice is Laravel but I have worked on CodeIgniter and CakePHP as well. I love working on raw javascript but mostly I use BackboneJs or AngularJs on my applications. I do my best work from 7 a.m. - 9 a.m. before anyone gets to the office. This time is always spent planning tasks (in very detailed manner), checking out new technologies and discovering what's going on in the world recently.