Bishnoi Balwant

Time changes the person... but i am the one who believes in changing time... Living my life the way i want and doing what i like is what i am. I like learning new things, collecting a lot of stuff from Computers to Play and things which can be useful for Software Developers. Chill out and live your life, because what is today may not be there tomorrow... and what it will be tomorrow will be better than today...

We all want to live a happy life. A life that is full of success. Success plays such an important role in our life that we often take so many things for granted. In horde for success we lose at one major point "LOSING", we are so much obsessed with achieving success that even a small set back makes us feel lost and frustrated. In life we face so many instances where we feel like things are really turned worse and we have no way out. We never have a thought that are the things that are bothering us and creating heck of frustration are really worth the attention that they are given. If you are a student losing out on your result, do you think sitting back and crying for what has happened will solve your problem. Do you think this would really make you feel better? Are you just frustrated because you feel in love with the wrong person and now have no way out of it! is this stress killing you? How big is your problem!!! If you ask me, I would say your problem is as big as you make it. If you have failed. You have two ways to go. First, you can either think how God and other people had been unfair to you. This will create more hate in you for the people who really love and care for you. Secondly, you can accept that it was your mistake and realize it. This will let you see whole world with a new perspective.

A Little About Me:

Hi, myself Balwant Bishnoi and i am from Nagaur Rajasthan. currently i am in Bangalore and working in SourceEdge Software Technologies as a Software Developer.

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