Fr. Billy Duck

Lincoln, AL

In 1998, I encountered my first demonic spirit, first hand. With no knowledge or experience in dealing with such matters, set out on a journey to understand the phenomenon and rid mankind of it's influence. I entered the service of the Lord, Jesus Christ, as an evangelist in 2003 through the Southern Baptist Church. In 2005, I joined by my wife, Angela, was ordained by the laying on of hands, into the pastoral ministry by an Independent Association. In July 2015, I was ordained priest in the Anglican Catholic church. By research, prayer and revelation on the matter of education and demonology, the Lord has led us to establish the Abbey of the King's Table. Our mission is to equip the people of God with the knowledge and wisdom of the scriptures, presented in an applicable manner, to enable them to live the "abundant life" Christ wishes us to live. This mission requires us to engage in spiritual warfare, upto and including exorcism, to accomplish our set goals.

Fr Billy Duck