Bishop Anna Neal

Archbishop Anna Neal is a woman of GOD. Ordained, consecrated and licensed as a pastor in January 2011, elevated to the Office of Archbishop in July, 2013. She is the founder of The Church of the Scattered Flock of Jesus Christ, International, an Independent Christian Ministry. The Archbishop has been a servant of Christ from childhood, and after many years of wrestling with the call on her life from above accepted that calling and began her ministerial journey in 2001.

Uncertain of how she would be received, the Archbishop, a Woman of GOD in a predominantly male dominated calling came to understand through a word of Knowledge that she was a Jeremiah 23, Pastor. Her charge is to gather the scattered flock of GOD, and to LOVE them, FEED them, and SHEPHERD them in these last days. She recognized that HER GIFTS come without REPENTENCE, and now stands boldly, speaks boldly, and walks boldly without concern for Man's Judgments, after all, she doesn't fear one who can kill her body; rather she REVERE's the ONE who can destroy both her body and SOUL.

Her ministry is built around LOVE, and wherever there is FALSE TEACHING and DECEPTION, you can rest assured, she will BOLDLY call it OUT, in the Name of Jesus. The Church of the Scattered Flock maintains primarily a virtual ministry by GOD's design. This ministry touches millions of lives (TO GOD BE THE GLORY) with the uncompromised Word of God both spoken and in song.

Archbishop recently released her debut CD, "Breakthrough," in July 2012, under the name Pastor Anna Neal. She is praying the Lord would continue to use her to be a blessing to ALL that she encounters.