+ Rodney Sampson

Rodney Sampson is an innovator, entrepreneur, investor, author & consecrated Bishop who focuses on shaping economic & innovative policy & opportunities throughout all sectors of relevant society and culture. His episcopal affiliations are with The International Bishop's Conference and Kingdom Manifestation.

As a serial entrepreneur, Sampson has co-founded Multicast Media [Streaming Faith, sold in 2010], Intellect, Legacy Opportunity Fund, and Intellect Inspire resulting in the creation of more than 125+ jobs globally.

Currently, Sampson is building Opportunity Fund, a US based emerging growth fund and crowd funding platform designed to provide underserved and underrepresented communities access to investment opportunities traditionally reserved for accredited and institutional investors. He also serves on the boards of a publishing company, a merchant investment bank and Community Development Corporation (CDC).

Over the last 15 years, Sampson's clients on 3 continents have generated more than $1B by deftly employing his advisory, business development & integrated marketing services. He is, in addition, regularly called upon to advise and speak to nations, businesses, universities, conferences and bishops who lead millions of constituents around the world.

Sampson holds a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University, a M.B.A. from Keller Graduate School of Management & completed his academic studies from 1995-1999 in the M.D. Program at Penn State University College of Medicine.

Sampson’s published works include Your Manifest Destiny, Yes We Will and Blacks and their Trillions. His latest book, entitled Kingonomics [Ben Bella Books] released worldwide in January 2013.

Sampson resides in his native home with his family.