Bishop Sedgwick Daniels

Milwaukee, WI

An active member of the African American Christian community, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, the leader of the Holy Redeemer Church of God In Christ, works toward civil rights using his respected position as a religious leader. While the Holy Redeemer Church of God In Christ has a large African-American membership, it openly welcomes Christians of any racial demographic. In 2008, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels participated in NBC’s “Day of Dialogue,” in which five African American pastors discussed some of the issues that the African American community encounters, and how religious communities affect these concerns. As part of a series of initiatives launched by the Holy Redeemer Church of God In Christ, Bishop Daniels plans to open an African-American cultural and arts center, as well as many youth groups, senior services, schools, low cost housing facilities, and other programs available to community members from all ethnic groups.

As the leader of 90 churches through the Wisconsin First Jurisdiction, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels utilizes his influence to improve civil rights conditions and equality. He holds membership with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a group founded in 1957 by Martin Luther King, Jr., that fuses together values of Christianity and civil rights in the southern states. Additionally, he affiliates himself with the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), a 102 year old organization and one of the most influential civil rights organizations throughout history. An active member of the Black Preaching Network, Bishop Sedgwick Daniels finds importance in connecting the African American community through the power of religious faith. The Holy Redeemer Church of God In Christ does not only focus on aiding those within the Wisconsin community, but individuals throughout the world, contributing to non-profit international aid efforts in Africa, Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, and many other international locations in need.

In his spare time, Bishop Daniels enjoys mind-challenging activities such as chess, dominos, debate, and reading. He also enjoys engaging in the culinary arts, swimming, and sailing. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels lists Africa as his favorite travel destination.

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