Bisi Adeyi

Bisi Adeyi

My name is Olabisi (a.k.a. Bisi) Adeyi and I am a Christian who loves the Lord. I started ministering to children in 1985 in my second year at the university. As a young Christian, I became involved in Children’s Ministry (CM) because I felt that was the only area I could serve God. For many years, I continued in the CM because that was all I knew and this trend continued in the churches I attended.

In October, 1998, I received the call of God to CM which changed my erroneous belief that teaching children was for futuristic purposes. That is, if children were saved and disciple for Christ in their childhood, they would invariably backslide in their teens/youth before rededicating their lives to Christ in adult years. At the time of God’s call, the Holy Spirit revealed to me based on John 17:17 that children could be successfully ministered to, to be SET APART by the truth of God’s Word to live for Him in the NOW!

However, for children to be set apart by the truth of God’s Word to live for Him, they need to be taught from God’s Word to believe in Jesus. God has made CM teachers to be connectors between Him and the children. The goal of the teacher in teaching children is similar to the Samaritan woman - who after her encounter with Jesus had them believe in Him initially as a result of her testimony. The Holy Spirit will confirm in the hearts and lives of the children the Word of God they are taught.

Three weeks later (after the call of God), I started the SET APART Bible Club on the 9th of November 1998. (It still holds every Saturday evening even though my family relocated to North America in 2001 and many children have graduated from it.) Within the three weeks period, I discovered a God-given ability to write curriculums and other materials for children. Over the years, quite a number of CM teachers and I have used these resources to minister to children in different settings.

In addition to ministering to children, I have coordinated different CM departments within the church setting. I have had the opportunity of training CM teachers to be more effective and hands-on in their teaching. To the glory of God, based on over 30 years of working with children and CM teachers, God has endowed me with skills to provide consultation and workshops to churches in establishing an effective biblical and practical CM. God has freely blessed me with the passion and ability to minister to children and CM teachers, therefore, I consider it an honour and privilege to be