Laura Kaindi

New mom, on that trial and err parenting, loving every moment of it. My son came at the most opportune time and saved me from ruin.

My sister, my best friend, Lyz, we learn from each other's mistakes and are each other's champions.

My mother, without her I wouldn't be here right now.

A daughter (First born son?) to my father.

The lenient sister to my brother.

Staunch Catholic.

Rock music is a blessing to this world.

Journalist by profession, Film production for the money, Public Relations, because, passion and early retirement.

I'm a chicken farmer but can't go anywhere near a live one. Venturing into horticulture in the very near future.

I HATE cats, loathe snakes and any other crawly things. Reptiles are generally scary.

Learning how to be a girl, about 20 years late :D

It can be that serious, but life is all about fun.