Bismillah Kani

Currently I am working as Sr.Engineer - Image Research at Buhler. I was part of a team project during the CIMET master programme on the topic of image enhancement based on memory colors for which we published a paper “Color Correction: A Novel Weighted Von Kries Model Based on Memory Colors” in an international conference namely CCIW (Computational Color Imaging Workshop) held in Milano, Italy on April 2011. In this, we propose an automatic color correction framework based on memory colors. I was also a co-author of another article “Color-difference measurements using 9-steps gray scales” presented in AIC 2010 Color and Food, Interim Meeting of the International Color Association. My master thesis topic deals with studying the spatial colorimetric non-uniformity of large displays and to propose a framework to correct the colorimetric non-uniformity based on digital camera. I have also participated in summer internship in University of Granada to learn and experience the display characterization model and validation of recent color difference formulas.