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Dr Emma Bisschoff

South Africa

For those that know me, aloha, for those who have not met me yet, I work from a heart space and truly believe that when we reach out with our hearts to others, miracles happen. I teach in a way that brings healing to many and gives them inspiration to find their AWESOMENESS.

I am a Registered Metaphysical Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Business Success Coach and Trainer, Happiness and Abundance Coach and Trainer, Life Optimization Coach and Trainer, Self-esteem Elevation Coach and Trainer for Children and Adults, Clinical Hypnotherapist and have a PhD in Philosophy.

I also teach and facilitate various Reiki and Healing & Attunement Systems, Ashati and Celestial Lightbody Teachings.

I travel around South Africa sharing my gifts and teachings including the Sacred Andean Shamanic Munay-Ki and Animal Healing & Communication.

A lover of life and people, I prefer to be seen as someone who may be trusted to be a fellow traveller for a while in the lives of those who are in dis-ease with their body, mind or soul until they are able to find themselves again and stand on their own feet on their own path.

Most of all I am someone who wakes up every day and is thankful for the new opportunities each day brings. My Higher self’s mission is loving service to the Divine and walking in the Light and empowering people to live their lives with integrity, listening to their own inner voice and teaching them skills where they can lift themselves up to their highest potential, and infusing them with joy, peace and clarity.

I don’t see life as a struggle, but rather a journey through which fulfillment can be experienced. There is no situation where we cannot change our attitude or reaction to it. My philosophy is that anything we do is offering our gifts to the world for anyone who needs them.

Registered with the Advanced Life Coaching Institute (UK), the American University of NLP, the American Alliance of Hypnotists, the Metaphysics Association of South Africa and the World Metaphysical Practitioners Association. I am the Executive Director of the South African Chapter of the World Metaphysical Association as well as the Metaphysics Association of South Africa.

  • Work
    • Healing Energies - self employed
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    • Phd