Steve Ryan

I will say this immediately, I am a teenager. I won't give my specific age, but let's just state that yes I will make horrible mistakes, yes I will do very stupid things and act very stupidly, and that I will most likely act as if I know more then you do. Please feel free to slap me. Moving on, I'm an apprentice programmer and amateur writer. I program in C++,Python, a smidgeon of Ruby, a dash of Scheme, and TI-Basic/Axe programming for the TI-84+ calculator. For writing, I generally write fantasy, manga-inspired fiction, and some Science Fiction and Historical Fiction. I am very much interested in Pre-Renaissance history and politics as well as philosophy and physics. I run Fedora 14 on my laptop and Windows Vista(soon to be 7) on my desktop. You will most likely see me as either Bit101 or Gentleman Ryan, depending on the website. There is also a well known flash programmer who goes by Bit101 and I apologize to him for stealing this website. Thank you for reading, as I must leave since apparently LP1 is on fire.