Jesse Biter

Sarasota, FL

Jesse Biter is the President and CEO of Biter Enterprises, LLC, a Florida-based management firm. From his Sarasota office, Biter oversees diverse assets in IT, Real Estate, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Transportation. Biter encompasses a strong expertise of vendor negotiation, spawning from his experiences in 1994 when he founded HomeNet Automotive, the company whose unforseen success rocked an entire industry. Beginning with zero employees and one dealer, HomeNet progressively blossomed into 135 employees and more than 18,000 dealers and was eventually sold to AutoTrader by Biter in 2010. The centerpiece of Biter’s organization in 2013 is Dealers United, a start-up company in which Biter serves as co-founder alongside partner and close friend, Matt Buchanon. Biter's mission statement for Dealers United is thus: to be the first service providing leverage of buying power for private dealerships, complimenting their business services through the vetting of trusted vendors, all while functioning as a conduit enabling smaller stores to compete with respective conglomerates. Jesse and his wife Katie currently reside in sunny Sarasota Florida, where they have found permanent shelter to nurture their love of flying, boating, golfing, fishing and scuba diving. In addition to Biter's active lifestyle, Jesse is a highly respected member on the board of Enterprise Florida and is an active supporter of various charities in the Florida area. A personal project Biter is striving toward in the summer of 2013 is the implication of affordable downtown housing in the Sarasota/Bradenton area, priced to attract more tech-savy workers to an area where Biter thinks business technology has the greatest potential.

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