Noel Mayorga

I'm 22 and I try hard to be honest. I can be funny at times,at times. I beat Cancer, went through a year of chemo and had major surgery where they removed most of,if not all my lynth nodes in the abdomen and they also removed one of my kidney. Into music and movies. Avid in the Harmonica and Bass. Going to school to study music and anthropology.

I love to drink and hang out with friends or loved ones. I help out as much as i can with anybody who needs help, though i'm basically useless because of the nerve damage in my legs. I still though have a lot of will and will always keep pushing forward one foot in front of the other. I believe a lot in pride and respect, and because of this i have a short fuse but i always keep composure. I've been on disability for almost 2 years now the doctors put me like this til 2018, no doubt in my mind I will use my mental powers to forcefully heal myself and back to into shape to work again.

I'm into comics, anime, movies, coffee, tea and alcohol.

I'm always willing to make new friends.