Karen White

North Carolina

First of all, my name is Karen, and I’m just a lifelong fan of Sha Na Na.. I don’t have any affiliation to the band or Pierre Cossette productions. I’m not even in show business. My regular job as a web producer keeps me pretty busy, so I do this blog purely out of love and as a break from the day-to day-grind. My online handle is bitofluff, which is what I’ve gone by in most blogs because I don’t really write anything too heavy. Just “bits of fluff”.I was born in 1968, so I was 9 years old when the show started. In Chicago, where I grew up, the original episodes ran every Saturday night on, I believe, the local NBC affiliate (any native Chicagoans out there, feel free to correct me). I remember seeing the first season during its original run because my parents would put the show on while they got ready go out, and I’d watch as my siblings and I ate frozen pizza and waited for the babysitter to arrive. At this time, I was still a bit on the youngish side to really appreciate the show for what it was. I liked the costumes, I liked the silly songs, so it was perfect for keeping a 9-year-old entertained for awhile.

Around 1980, the show moved on to a UHF channel, that seemed to spring up over night. I think it was located somewhere on the dial between the Spanish-speaking channel and the stock market report. To me, it was no-man’s land. However, this is around the period I really became a fan of not only the show, but the music and the band members themselves. Whenever we could, my best friend and I would watch the show together and tape moments that we liked best. Unfortunately, this made for choppy viewing later. More unfortunately, her recorder was a Betamax, so I’m pretty sure those tapes are now lost forever.

In 1981, my friend and I were fortunate enough to see the band in concert at the Mill Run Playhouse in Niles, IL. To this day, I still have very clear memories of that show. Anyway, from this point on, it would be a love that would go quiet at times, but would never quite fade away.

Flash forward to 2005. I was living in London and would often spend lazy afternoons browsing around the HMV and Virgin music stores near Piccadilly Circus. One day, I happened across a version of the At the Hop DVD. What a find! I bought it and practically ran home so I could watch it right way. The love was back in full force.

After pulling whatever Sha Na Na collectibles I could find from my mom’s attic, I, like other fans, star