Bittersweet Romance

Student, Nurse, and Photographer in België

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Welcome to my twisted world, where fairytales still exist, alongside vampires, unicorns, fairies and all other things that people claim as nonsense.
Where one can weep whenever they want to, since it's no shame to be hurt or sad.
Where people can be happy, and smile, and never grow up if they don't want to.
Where you can be yourself completely, without anyone bringing you down.
Where hearts will never be broken, and the good people get what they deserve, what they ought to have.

Welcome, to my fantasy.

Writing was and still is today my way of escaping this hard, sometimes cruel world.
Of saying what I feel, and what I want or long for.
To me, it's the perfect way to express myself.
To let people hear my voice, read my words, and hopefully: get moved by them.

So step into my world,
and I hope you'll like the fantasy!