biw Choompu


Hi.. I guess many come coz my picture profile .. Ahaaa a ^_* That I'm sit and see view on the beach. I love Sa - Mad Island or Koh Samed Island Thailand so beautiful ^_^ My Interests of me : - Good Cars , Super Cars , Fast Drive , Drifting. - Scuba diving ... I like that so good ... when I can see everything under water ... feeling good ^^* - I interests social network and application for my work on Government of Finance 'coz I'm Webmaster and Project Manager Social Network .... All in one creative thinking and make a project too... >.<" - I get job I like ... I do past time events and organizer about .. Job company on TV and Radio Motoring Station for Cars , company events travel and tour , Event party , concert , event show , Grand opening , wedding event .... Everything I do Lol - I interests english Language ... but not good and speak english very bad I try find friends for Practice 'coz Im lazy in lesson it's a boring ... when I chat with friends help me to learn faster and remember phrase. I give time for chat enough ... I can talk with many friends understand but not well. I must stop find chat coz make me really headache and I need another practric form TV , Song , News and many thing I interest .. The most I go on gramma and conversation on lesson ... But not much - I like to read and find knowledge many thing interest and I like to know anything new or different .... - I like jogging make me feel good .. Like drive fast and chilling .. Like sport and extreme I do not much but I like so much it's cool !!

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