Jose Montero

Father, Entrepreneur, and Consultant in Riverside, California

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Jose Montero is a Consultant, Business Coach and Organizational Executive with more than 25 years leadership experience coming into organizations to grow sales, improve performance, lead major change and guide rapid improvement. Over time Jose became the go-to guy to grow it, improve it, fix it or turn it around. Jose is an expert Transformational Change leader.

Jose’s commitment to helping business owners succeed is founded on the belief that it starts and ends at the top with effective leadership grounded in Integrity, Authenticity, Resilience and Vision. Employees at all levels are the company and ultimately employees are only as good and as effective as leaders enable and empower employees to be. Good business leaders accept they are not only responsible for the success of the business and their own direct performance, but in the end accountable for the individual performance of every employee every day.

Jose has served in a variety of roles throughout his career. He owned his own business for many years and has worked or consulted with small businesses from 1 to 20 million in sales, as well as mid-size and Fortune 100 companies. Experience is the best teacher and this diverse experience has given Jose unique insights into what makes an organization effective, what works and what doesn’t work with different size businesses. Jose has seen how ineffective leadership, not enough infrastructure, controls and systematized processes can kill even a business with a great product or service, and similarly how excessive controls, rigid procedures and minutely defined business processes can quench initiative, stifle innovation, add massive cost and destroy morale and productivity. It is this broad experience and passion for mentoring business excellence that makes Jose an exceptional leader, executive consultant and business coach.

Jose earned a Masters in Management with a concentration in Leadership and Strategy from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University; a B.S. in Management from the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management with a concentration in International Business Management; and a B.S. Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jose is married, has four children and resides in Riverside, CA. He reveres God and nature, has a house full of pets, and enjoys playing racquetball.