Project Manager and Consultant in the United Kingdom

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BiZiDEX is a Business Index operating on the local ad platform in Your City, State, Country, Continent and Globally. BiZiDEX launched in May 2014, bringing the advertising and market place together with the mission of helping local businesses and international communities to grow.

BiZiDEX flagship consumer brands include the popular search on any device and any browser. For advertisers, BiZiDEX is the leading local and International advertising solution to connect with the right consumers online, on Smart Phone, Tablet or PC/ Apple. The BiZiDEX FREE listing plus our advanced Packages, along with other advertising solutions, has the ability to reach about 90% of the Internet population.

BiZiDex products and services are backed by an online sales organization and promoters in local markets across your city and country, as well as worldwide.

BiZiDEX is a growing and profitable Advertising Program with active ​users around the world​.

We are looking for bright individuals to help us making the world a better place.

​If you would like to ​help us promote our business solution and advertisement concept as an independent social media promoter and/or SEO promoter, Blogger or community developer, we would be glad to hear from you.

Social Media

If you are familiar with and enjoy social media and you are passionate about User Experience, join us to create new and awesome ideas to be used by millions of users worldwide with the ability to work on your local market and Language while we further develop and consolidate our concept, you become our strategic partner for years to come.