Bizkado Asia

BIZKADO is your new business consultant firm in Asia Pacific. Founded on years of solid experience in business consulting and our respective fields of interest, we offer innovation, professional service and plain hard work. BIZKADO can improve your performance and take your company to the next level. We bring results. With our headquarters located in Phuket, Thailand and branches in Singapore and Europe, the BIZKADO team consist of a small but diverse team of highly educated and experienced business internationals working across the globe. English, Thai, French, Swedish and German are just a few of the languages we use on a daily basis. We believe our most valuable asset is people. The heart and soul of a company is its people, and therefore, we will work with your people to accelerate your company’s progress. You want to know how we are different? We focus on ingenious expertise and we put our hearts and souls into our goal - to be the most innovative, original and forceful new business management company on the market. More than just a solid Value, we stand for a breakthrough acceleration of progress for you, our customers. Our mission is to upgrade, re-innovate and intensify your business.