Elsie Castaneda

I am looking to get back into the Real Estate Market. I am aggressively seeking a company to join and become a part of the team with.

I posses the skills to keep an organized setting while tackling several responsibilities/ dead lines, a proven track record, and my ambition, passion and self-starter characteristics, there is no challenge I'm not apt to take on. Being of humble mind, I have no problem with being of servant capacity. I am as comfortable in taking direction as I am in giving direction. I take full responsibility in my duties, and I wait on no one to get the job to its full completion every time with persistency and stylish, professional tenacity. My desire in my employment search is to find a company with a corporate structure and small business integrity.

Here are some Core Competencies;

• Project Planning & Scheduling
• Creative Design/ Website and Marketing
• Office & Business Management
• Quality Assurance & Safety Control
• Full Charge Payroll/ Taxes
• Full Charge Bookkeeping
• Human Resources in Developmental Capacity

I look forward to being a part of your team. Thank you for viewing. Have a great day!