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BIZ Prospects in India

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Welcome to India - The world's fastest growing free trade economy offering all growth ingredients required for your Manufacturing/Trading, Infra or Services venture : -

* Cost-efficient BIZ/HR resources

* World's largest integrated emerging market hub dominated by Young Consumers

* A booming Startup ecosystem attracting funding & mentoring from all the corners of World

* Impartial pro-trade Judiciary, Pro-active governance

* Peace-loving democratic society, the only Country to equally stand for multiple truths irrespective of cast, creed, belief & nationality.

Relevant information regarding settingup-to-operation of your dream project in India is available at the following official links, which are regularly updated and cover almost every aspect that may concern you

1. For Investors-FDI http://dipp.nic.in/English/Investor/FDI_Policies/FDI_policy.aspx


2. For Startups http://startupindia.gov.in/FAQ.php

3. For Manufacturing, Trading, Services, IT units http://www.makeinindia.com/investor-desk


4. Trade Policy e-Book http://commerce.gov.in/Magazine/index.html#p=1

Further Email based complimentary assistance is offered regarding any specific unresolved query/concern at biztweets@outlook.com

Apart from above & optionally, need based cost-efficient service assistance is also offered to hassle-free all your local concerns regarding:

(a) Project-planning, statutorily mandated documentation, pre-post compliance and any other requirement for setting-up any venture/startup in the manufacturing, merchant-trading, services or IT sectors of India.

(b) Outsourcing tie-ups with grass-root professionals & last mile resources towards c