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Byron Baker

Brighton, England, United Kingdom

From a young age I've always had a keen eye for detail which has inspired me to look more deeply into the meanings behind the artistic cinematography of today.This interest gave me a keen interest in visuals but even more into the story behind them and how it was being conveyed.

I studied media at secondary school before moving on to study Film making at college where by my final year I was helping on most of the major events;this includes things such as Brighton Digital Festival, BrightonFringe and Brighton festival as well as teaching lower years the knowledge I had gained during my experiences.

This was beforeI started university where I was seen as an active student by my peers.

Over time I have worked with multiple independent production companies on various projects both behind and in front of the camera where I have gained knowledge of how professional productions work.

One of the most educational experiences I got was when I was an extra in a television series called Love matters: Kitten Chic, where I got to see all the crew working together and it all came together to form a well oiled machine.