Bizz sing

Follow the career young talented singer named Bizzsing. His love for music and variations of styles developed at a young age. When Bizzsing was in elementary he performed in a musical in school. It was then that He experimentined with poetry which developed into musical lyrics. The content of his music focused on realities of life, love as well as motivational and inspiring lyrics. In High School he started a singing group with two of his friends called Obsession (OB3). He was their songwriter, and they all choreographed their own routines. He felt that writing songs and performing them was a useful outlet to all of his emotions.
Music is his passion, and he felt like he could not let this opportunity slip away. He had the mind set, motivation, support and drive he needed to put everything in motion. All life’s experiences, gifts and challenges have helped mold Bizzsing. His values that he is instilled with as long as his general love for people are rooted in his character. He has a passion for helping others and giving back to the community.
Currently Bizzsing is balancing volunteering and working on many new projects. “I believe that in giving back to people it is very rewarding and I am inspired to do more.” Bizzsing met with and is working on collaborating with music artist like Ne-Yo, Noel Gourdin, Bobby Brown, Treston Irby(From the Group Hi-Five) Jimmy Marsh, and more. Never one to shy away from challenges, Bizzsing is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to grow as an artist and as a man. He has performed at venues in Boston like Showcase Live, Ryles, Verve, All-Asia,Lucky Dogs and more. Bizzsing has also performed & currently doing shows in NYC such as Club Iguana’s, & Sweet Carolines.

Bizzsing, released his first single "Temptation". The song received positive feedback from established record pools like Starfleet Music Pool in Charlotte, NC, Ricketts Record Pool in Saddle Brook, NJ, and Masspool in Boston, MA! Radio airplay on Commercial stations such as WEMX FM in Baton Rouge, LA, KAGM in Alberqurque, NM, WOCQ FM in Salsbury, MD, and soon KWYL in Reno, NV. Also overseas airplay on Innacity 102.5fm in London,England and Japan.

He has a voice that touches countless lives with positive, uplifting music. His voice captures hearts of all. Anyone who knows him can attest to his undying passion and love for creative expression. Bizzsing has dedicated his life to the art of music and is committed to sha