BJ Brunton

Gold Coast, Australia

2015 Goals and Aspirations
- 2015 WFF Fitness Figure World Champion
- 2015 NZ Maori Sportswoman of the Year
- Progress into Professional Bodybuilding
- Defend and retain 2014 Queensland Titles

Professional Achievements
- 2014 Queensland INBA Novice Figure Class 3 (Tall) - WINNER
- 2014 Queensland WFF Athletic Figure Class 1 (Tall) - WINNER
- 2014 World WFF Fitness Figure - 2nd Place

About ME

I am in the process of seeking Sponsorships to further progress my career aspirations and assist in traveling to La Ciotat, France to compete in the 2015 WFF Universe Championships.

If you believe we may be able to work together or know of others/someone that may be able to assist myself, please feel free to make contact via the email me selection button above.

I thank you all in advance and I promise to keep you all up to date on my progression and the outcome of ALL events during my 2015 calendar via my social media channels found below.

Once again I thank you all for your time and consideration, as it all truly helps and does mean alot to myself, wish me luck.

BJ Brunton