B Jackson

Musician, Barista, and Chef in Connecticut

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A person who has the drive, passion, and desire to make an impact on the lives of young people. As a mentor for the past 15 years Ben has worked to help open the doors, and drive young minds to set goals and awaken their passion for success.

A firm believer that there is no obstacle that cannot be over come, which has been instilled in him from birth. He looks to challenge the people who say I can't, to change their mind set to I will, and I did.

Helping people is an awesome gift, it is a way to give back and pay it forward. Most of us forget that we didn't get to where we are without a little push here and there. We are a product of the eveniornments we allow ourselves to exist. It is easy to give up, but it takes a real drive to strive for excellence and look to be accomplished. A person's success is only determined, by the individual, not by the masses.

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"These are just my thoughts, conveyed through actions and deeds." BJackson

  • Education
    • Xavier University of Louisiana; New York Institute of Technology