Betty Jackson

Betty Jackson Management an Event and Project Management Company. The scope of BJM is to establish and coordinate business relationships. BJM provides innovative ways to facilitate project proposals from beginning to end. BJM spearhead and coordinate the development and implementation of creative concepts and project proposals by providing innovative ideas and a team of business professionals to support business concepts and project proposal.

Betty Jackson, Carolina Fashion Awards Director & Creator of The Red Carpet Fashion Lounge and Designer Showcase in Raleigh NC enjoys the develpment of new ideas.

Working in the hospitality industry as a Room Director, Sales and Operation Manager has facilitied countless conferences, meetings, wedding, photoshoots and fashion shows. It has built an atonishing amount of skills and expertise that is evident in her impeccable taste for excellence.

Kiyani, Carlos III and Damaris, her three children, shares their mother's passion for excellence. Working alongside their mom at events, all the while creating their own vision.