Bjarne Pedersen

Project Manager in Copenhagen, Denmark

Bjarne Pedersen

Project Manager in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Life is a gift so enjoy it in fullness and humility... as the only things you can take with you after life... are the sum of all the good you have shared with others.

Materialism, money and all other distractive pursuits of man are fleeting and soon consumed... so be wise in your focus and strive for excellence and quality in all you do... as this will bring contentment and a measure of happiness, health and long life.

The things that really matter are simple... life, love and kindness; focus with your heart, mind, body, spirit and soul on others... and to do these things... with clarity, generosity, integrity, honesty and live life to the fullest, to the best of your ability and be a beacon of light to the world.

It's not easy so renew your commitment each day... and it will become a new better healthy life for you. The best in this world… are not all of God's amazing creation, nature etc. but the diversity and fullness and wonder of his people... of which you are one unique example!

This is my long way to say that life is simply about God... and his unrestrained love for you! Only God loves you more that you can possibly imagine, so realize who you are... someone unique, someone truly special in this universe. Know that God wants you to have a personal relationship with him, that will transform your life and perspective and bring clarity, quality and amazing color and richness into your life.

My life before God was like a black and white 50's TV show... Now it’s better than 4K Ultra HD... and getting better. Give yourself a chance for a better life... pray to Jesus and ask him to come into your life... and you will be amazed when your dark sunglasses come off!

I'm a born-again Christian male originally from Greenland, citizen of Denmark, USA and the Kingdom of God. I believe in the goodness, divinity and majesty of God, and that eternal life is only possible by accepting and inviting Jesus Christ, through confession of sins into your life; and I pray & hope the same quality of life for you, your family and all the people you care about... because God loves you and yours!

Jesus is Savior, Lord and King. We will all someday bow before him... and right now as you read this God is personally inviting you to pray... and expect God to do amazing things in your life and those around you.

I hope you can stop by in Copenhagen at: soon and say HI! Have a great week, a blessed life!!!

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