Bradley Chapman

The younger years of my life are all a blur, with so many memories, yet it seems with no way to fully remember them. What I can remember of my childhood, though, is my passion for animals. When I say animals, I mean all kinds of animals. Ever since I could read, a majority of the books I read were about all sorts animals. I would spend countless hours in my room with dinosaur toys creating the most elaborate and fantastical scenarios I could come up with. My favorite show growing up was The Crocodile Hunter and to this day he is one of my biggest inspirations. Spending my days watching the show started my love for animals and at the age of about eight I got my first pet snake. Unfortunately, he didn’t last long and escaped when my little sister let him go by accident. I had a few hit and misses with pet snakes until I finally got my first “real” pet snake that lasted more than a month. His name is Sonny and he’s my favorite pet to this day. At the age of fifteen, I began volunteer work with the zoo. I would volunteer at the Atlanta zoo until my first semester of college. The experiences I had at the zoo were amazing, and are ones that I will remember for years to come. Looking back on my life, I can see the true impact my love of animals has had and how it has affected my decisions in life. I now want to be a biology teacher and believe the animals I read about as a child inspired me to love science from a young age.