Bjerk Peterson (mükti)

mukti (Héctor Peterson) comes from the city of sin, Tijuana, México. Since early age started learning piano, and then moving to classical and electric guitar studies and playing with bands in his teen and late teen years, composing and recording his own songs and started producing electronic pop with bossa nova/jazz influence. Met the psychedelic raving scene in his first college years in Monterrey studying biotechnology, where he got interested into morphing sound and started playing around and learning about electronic music production, his taste became more subtle, minimalistic and techy afterwards while experimenting with diverse genres, even playing with a live reggae/dubstep band while running Ableton, while keeping his mukti alias alive in the lab producing . For almost a year now he's been living in Spain now, producing for Traum Schallplatten, with an upcoming album on it's most recent sublabel called Zaubernuss, also upcoming an EP with Müsex Industries, from Pamplona, Spain; and already playing gigs at the classiest venues in northern Spain. His latest already released track is a remix for Helge Kuhl that came out on Paintwork (Traum Schallplatten), and he is working (already in his short time in Europe) in some releases for labels around Spain (Müsex) and a portuguese label (Piston rec), as well as just coming back from succesful gigs in Paris, one of them in the legendary Batofar boat.