Brian J. Keller

My motivation and passion has always been to be a positive influence on as many people as God places in my path. I do this by being transparent, authentic and empathetic to the many people I have had the chance to lead, support and help. I lean into my experience and faith to help guide me in the mentoring of friends, family, employees and others.

From a faith point of view, I am not here to convert anyone to the way I feel, practice or believe. Rather, I would be someone with a life story that provides a model of how faith has helped me become the person that I am. I provide my talent and time to groups of men as I help them in their faith journey's by leading meetings, spending 1:1 time and developing motivational content based on readings and experiences I have had with the Lord in my life.

Professionally I have had the opportunity to range from an executive (leading large groups in geographically dispersed locations) to programming embedded systems. My career has provided me a deep and wide technical knowledge base along with the opportunity to lead and work with amazing people along the way. I have launched numerous complex products/services as well as several major infrastructure initiatives (UMTS/LTE). I have created work programs that have saved AT&T over $1B in CAPEX due to the vision and execution. I have been part of major shifts in mobile data including: mobile email (RIM Blackberry, Good Technology), Smart devices (Apple iPHONE/iPAD, Android), Internet of Things (Connect Cars, Digital Life) and Software Defined Services.

In the 90s I built and sold a company from 3 to over 120 with two branches, re-established a NYC based branch of a regional consulting company, helped VC evaluate numerous businesses, provided COO/CTO role for incubator companies, public speaker and author.

My goal is to simply continue to be part of vital businesses that need leaders that motivate, inspire and drive results. Take teams and help them achieve more than they believe they could and provide products/services that improve the quality of life.

I enjoy playing tennis, listening to all kinds of music, spending time with my family, having great times with friends, putting together material that inspires, leading people to a deeper relationship with God and bourbon.