Bradley MacDonald

I'd describe myself as a mid 30s geek Dad. I find passion in many things large and small. My family; my wife and 2 daughters, they bring me true joy. I find I love Apple Inc too much, but they are just a company and I'm the first to say that. I may love them, but they do not love me. Music keeps me moving when even coffee fails, and coffee is something I love far too much. I live 12 hours on an average day with white earbuds attached to my body. Want me to like you? Give me a Venti Iced NO WATER Americano with 2 Splenda. On top of all of this I find a strange connection to The Force, I am Star Wars, Star Wars is me. It defines so much of what I am it is odd to express. I have worked for a variety of companies from AOL, Cardinal Health, CareFusion and Blackbarn Media Through an acquisition I now work as a PM and analyst for a public health org focusing on complex web applications, CMS projects leveraging Drupal and process improvement. I've spent a large part of my adult life working in Software QA and process improvement. I spent a few years toiling at AOL when it seemed they might still make it. I love software, databases and problem solving. Give me a problem, coffee and a whiteboard and I am happy.