Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

I am a 25 year old purpose driven serial entrepreneur. I founded and led 4 ventures in Germany, Bangladesh & the US. I also worked as an executive in Russia for 1 year.

My areas of expertise are broadly centered around technology & education.

My personal passion / my "leitmotif" is: unleashing human potential.

Most recently I built Supercool School - an open source platform with more than 2000 online schools and more than 55000 students. The platform is used by various ivy league universities, Fortune 50 companies and passionate individuals to educate the world. Our Mission it to give people worldwide access to education.

I am also accelerating early stage ventures with techVenture. We do financial and operational investments in high impact companies. Our specialty is to support ventures in their team building, global go to market and rapid prototyping.

As a side project we launched an initiative called Cofounder Network that helps matching high impact founders across the globe. We have numerous local and global partners to facilitate the matching process - including Sandbox, Seedcamp, Khosla Ventures, etc.

In my "free time" I teach on Startup School - school I built for more than 2500 entrepreneurs around the world. With contributors such as Mike Maples, Brad Feld, Jason Fried, Steve Jurventson, Marc Benioff, etc.

+ I speak from time to time at various conferences about entrepreneurship, technology, innovation and education.
+ I mentor & advise various entrepreneurs/startups.
+ I am the Sandbox Ambassador for the Bay Area

Sometimes I blog at: