Ben Johnstone

Bruce Mazengarb is the founder and current director of Vertical Horizon Group. Bruce started the original Vertical Horizonz group back in 1998. Pursuing his passion for height safety, he founded a small training company and began delivering courses focusing on health and safety New Zealand wide to different industry operators and businesses.

At Vertical Horizon Group, our goal is to empower individuals by providing them exceptional health and safety training experiences. We know that healthy and safety training is an often overlooked necessity in almost any industry or business, and it is often in the most critical workplaces that safety is a second priority.

What we bring to your business is trusted advice and uncompromising leadership that forges business performance and promotes safety in your industry. What separates us from the rest is that the health and safety training we provide is all about getting results. We’re not content with just giving you a set plan that you and your employees would have to follow.

The legislative requirements that regulate workers, proper health, and safety training are strict and should be your business or industry’s top priority. The management team would often have to juggle meeting the safety and security demands of their workers, and this is usually due to the sheer scope of health and safety in general, and how different they are across industries. Our specialised knowledge of a wide range of industry best practices allows us to develop and implement customised health and safety training courses that not only keeps your workplace safe, but also helps your business achieve continuing strategic safety solutions for your workplace.

At Vertical Horizon Group, we believe in providing high quality and comprehensive training courses at the best possible value for your industry. Whether you have your own business or facilitate training internally, we will help you meet the increasingly strict health and safety regulations that protect you and your workers.