Bjorn Hendricks

Bjorn Hendricks

I'm an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a conundrum. (Or was that the Riddler?)

I'm a Capricorn (Dec. 28th).

I was born in Jamaica yet I have a Scandinavian name (go figure).

I speak a bit of Mandarin, Japanese, and Hindi (and I'm working on Portuguese for my World Cup 2014 trip).

I'm a technology fiend AND a sports junkie (some ppl think that's an oxymoron)

In high school, i dreamed of studying nano-technology in order to create the matter transporters seen in Star Trek.

I'm both a Trekie and Star Wars Fanboy.

I'm the "cool guy" that was also a "nerd".

In my spare time, I take theoretical physics classes online (Really!).

I'm in favor of a "resource-based economy" (Google or Bing "The Venus Project").

My dreams at night are more like epic movies instead of thoughts (I might just write a screenplay from them someday).

I'm a passport stamp collector.

And much, much, more.....

Oh yeah and l'm the Founder & CEO of SpotCheq, the evolution of social networking!