Kristian Bjørnard

Baltimore, MD

Kristian Bjørnard is a designer, thinker, and sustainabilitist (and occasional educator/lecturer) currently living in Baltimore MD with his partner Nancy. He is the director of “The Office of Kristian Bjørnard,” a boutique design studio focused on publishing in all its forms — web, print, text, images, etc. Kristian holds an MFA in Graphic Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and a BA in Studio Art from Kalamazoo College. Current design work revolves around “sustainable graphic design” and simplifying publishing across mediums. This has led to a more purposeful interest into reusable processes, a focus on rules-based design concepts, the generation of personal “sustainable” aesthetics, and investigating can be gleaned from vernacular design methodologies. Kristian also explores various aspects of time and motion as they relate to design and keeps abreast of current web trends, standards, and technologies. All of these interests: systems, sustainability, motion, contemporary web tech, etc. all make for interesting insights and connections when discussing and working on projects—both with clients and in the classroom.