Brett Voght

Mission Viejo, California

I am currently a marketing major at California State University of Fullerton. I am looking forward to finding a marketing position in the entertainment industry. I currently work in the Disneyland Resort, where I constantly interact with people from all over the world. Cultures are one thing I find interesting and I loe interacting with different ones. Working here has helped me improve my work habits and my interpersonal skills.

I am dedicated and hard-working. I have a humerous sie and I find it enjoyable to hang out with friends, no matter what the event is. Being able to interact with others is enjoyable for me. I like to listen to music, play videogames, and dance recreationally ( I am not the best by any means). When it comes down to it, after a hard days work I do not mind relaxing and reflecting on the day I had. Most importantly, it is hard to catch me in a bad mood, because I try to find the good things in everything.

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