Betty Becker

This happened before I started studying Spiritual Meta Physics.
(Around the summer of 1987)

I experienced a love so profound that I am not sure I can describe it so that I give it the credit it deserves.

I am driving home from an aerobics dance class when I looked out upon the trees and fields I was passing with different eyes. Every leaf, tree and field looked like I was seeing them for the first time. I was completely overwhelmed with feelings of love for all that I saw. I thought I can stop this car, take off my shoes, and run through those fields barefoot with no fear of stepping on a snake, or any sharp object. I thought, how wonderful this feeling of complete fearlessness is that is present.

These feelings continued all the way home.

When I went into our house I was overwhelmed with feelings of love for Kurt and Debbie Colbert who was staying with us at the time. I hugged them & told them how much I loved them. Then, I was so overcome by love for everyone and everything that I broke down and cried.

These feelings remained with me for about 20 minutes. I remember thinking I want more of this.

Now, about 26 years later I feel I understand why I had that experience.

We will always get little presents along the way. God loves to surprise us with his/her gifts.

God’s perfect love flowing from me to all that is and love flowing back to me from all that is.
Staying in this beautiful moment will help us to achieve some of this.

This all happened even before I read Shirley MacLaine’s books. (Her books were given to me, and were my first introduction to there is more to life than we think.)