B.K Bergman

B.K. Bergman is both a fiction and non-fiction author based in Southern California. His first novel, Life in Harmony (the story of an infertile couple living with the spirit of a four-year-old girl), is set to be published in 2013. His body of fiction is said to include verisimilitude dialogue and includes elements of faith and redemption. His short story “The Artist’s Dinner” appears in the Winter 2012 edition of The GNU literary journal. He is currently in the revisions stages of a second novel.

He is the former National Religion and Politics columnist for Examiner.com and has appeared as a religion and politics expert on Los Angeles radio station KKLA. His column, essays and articles focused on the theme of unity vs. division between the faiths and the important of the separation of church and state as a means of protecting the freedom of religion. His essays have been called provocatively thought-provoking.

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