Beth Nelsen, MD

I am exactly where I want to be. My official job title is assistant professor of pediatrics and associate program director of the pediatric residency program. My actual job is working as a general pediatrician in an outpatient academic setting and helping to administrate our residents. I teach. I take care of patients. I teach others how to take care of patients. I love every last second of it. I've also been known to do research about advocacy and systems-based learning. I helped create a protocol for pediatric procedural management in the inpatient setting. Now I'm taking that protocol and modifying it for my outpatient office. My favorite animals at the State Fair are llamas. I run when my hips and knees aren't staging a revolt. I'm a Red Sox fan in Yankee country. The best thing I've ever done was become a mom to my daughter, tied with becoming a wife to my husband.