Brian Koppe

I like to share my knowledge and help others.

I've built all my desktops and a few for my friends as well. I'm an early adopter. When I find a new tool I enjoy, I'm eager to share it with others and help them use it. I've been called a "great brand ambassador" by my friends and have often been told, "Somehow I figured you would have the answer."

I've performed in musical theatre and opera and played saxophone and bassoon. Music is a core component of my life, and I am always on the lookout for new and challenging artists. I'll listen to and enjoy most anything, but I acknowledge that "entertaining" is not always "good."

I believe in empowering people, and I began work in politics as a field organizer. Since then, I've organized fundraisers, managed communications, and was even asked to run for office myself. In 2011, I was awarded the Patrick S. Botterman Leadership Award by the Wheeling Township Democratic Organization.

I've lived in the Chicago area all my life, growing up in the suburbs and living in the city while I attended college. In high school, I had the priviledge of visiting Austria and Italy twice with our band and orchestra, and one day I hope to return. In 2008, I visited the United Kingdom and saw Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, starring David Tennant from Doctor Who as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart from Star Trek: The Next Generation as Claudius. Yes, I'm a geek.