Benadette Kozen

My full name is Benadette, but I usually go by Beni. When people ask me where I'm from, my first instinct is to share where I was born rather than where I live. I currently live in Georgia, which I suppose makes me a solid Georgia Bulldog, but it doesn't make me an original Bulldog since I was born in California, which is where this specifc picture was taken. I have lived in four different states thus far--California, Hawaii, Illinois, and of course, Georgia. Having experienced variation in moving, I have learned to adapt to new environments, but I must say that California is my favorite and I hope to eventually return and call it my home again.

With that being said, I will formally introduce myself. My name is Beni, and I am orginally from California. As a fellow Georgian Bulldog, I welcome you to my English 1102 Porfolio.