Joshua Kuhl

With almost eight years of experience as a disc jockey for well over 100 weddings and countless bar and school shows, I'm no stranger to music... With almost two years of experience as a trivia host, I'm no stranger to random knowledge either... With each passing day, my passion and hunger for both music and knowledge is fueled by the wonderful people I get to share it with. At the moment, I have the great pleasure of hosting five shows a week for Team Trivia of Wisconsin at various venues around the Madison area. On any given weekend, you can catch me DJing at a local bar or taking care of newlyweds and their guests on their big day for my new company, B Kuhl Entertainment. I'm also the official bout DJ for the Mad Rollin Dolls roller derby 2011 season, where I'm known around the track as "Vinyl Destination". I also work for Hamilton Relay as a Spanish Communication Assistant, facilitating phone communication for deaf and hard-of-hearing customers throughout the country. I've had the honor of serving the deaf community for nearly three years, and look forward to more in the future. I feel very privileged to work with and serve the large number of people that I see each and every day, and wouldn't trade places for the world.