bleigh zolciak

I'm CaRRRiED you wanna video me.. u like my fashion

he's all up in my George Foreman.....

take the Benz out for a swirl... yeah it's my world.. woohoo woohoo

the ONLY thing not FAKE about me is my Louis V. bitches...

eat that ..

STUDENT.. yes i have a brain lol CaRRRiED


take lotz of pictures.


the color yellow.


play punch bug(sometime)

-my whole family is army
-dont know what i wanna be but i know i'm gonna kill it
-a college grad tho ART HISTORY
-i like clothes & Britney Spears
-middle child
-love sweet n low and mustard (not together)
-i get called vain a lot but i used to be fat, anti social and nerdy
so i'm enjoyin this i deserve it
-Hawaiian German Italian


It can be heard through a stampede of raging bulls.
Even as a whisper it does so much damage....
a light flares through the sky.
alone think maybe I saw it,
as though it were a mirage,
some believe through all your problems,
that you are just crazy!
The voice of pain pushes them closer to the thought of admittance.
To surpass a thought of sanity when at such a vulnerable state!
Tell all by the look upon my face that overcoming all sources of hurt and disappointments through song is not the way....
to simply wake the next day and move on as though yesterday never happen is.....
None other than, a prime example of....
The Voice of Pain.
Once again heard through the gushing wind,
It flows through your veins.
It takes over those who have no self perseverance.
No hope.
No passion.
It is heard by all people of all gender,
and creed.
Pain some say makes the world stronger.
I simply believe it makes us SURVIVORS!!!

So Low Maintenance , Beauty Is Effortless

I h@ve N0 P3N!$ EnVy