Black White

Florida, United States

I’ve personally, have always had this dream of creating a blog that people would actually read and comment on it. A place where I would feel comfy and welcomed. Throughout the years I had tried to make this happen, but due to my lack of persistency , I have always failed to keep it moving. Thanks to my friend Shatacka, who I found on a Facebook writers’ group, I am embarking once again into a journey full of words and untold stories that will be share with people who share our same interest and passion. Shatacka and I will be sharing different stories about us and our surrounding through this blog. We are dedicated to put a lot of effort to this blog, so that writers like us can feel comfortable enough to share their comments and if possible to join us in this incredible adventure. We are Shatacka and Valentin, two individuals from different generations, different race, but with the same passion of writing for others. We hope you enjoy our blog and will leave comments below to positively criticized our work.

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