The Black Acorn

Raw Food, Organic Food, and Local Food in Oregon

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The Peace Pirate Navigator & Captain (Sativa Lee & Jordan V) have partnered with local crew and farms to present this #FarmToTable 🌱 #FoodTruck which provides 🌞 #Fresh, #Local, #Vegan, #Vegatarian, #AllergenFree, 💯% #Organic / #NonGMO ingredients! 😍

Connecting farms to tables, artisans to hubs, and the individual foodie to a plethora of options. Combined with a menu that changes with the seasons, inspirations from all over the globe, and large portion sizes with reasonable prices... We offer a solution to an on-going issue that we feel blessed to address!

So... Where arrrrre we at in the process, you may ask...?
The setup is nearly complete, and our only immediate needs are start-up funds and getting our graphics/signage costs covered.

Almost. There.

Recently, our application was accepted for a Kiva loan! We have a short amount of time to fulfill the amount of people needed & This is where you can help!

The link to the Kiva loan is:

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