Ragnar Blackbeard

I've turned fire to ice with my bare hands.... I've built the Hanging Garden of Babylon once but it collapsed.. My tounge speaks poor english, but i've tried to discuss issues with Pythagoras and Hermes.. they felt my joy, so I wrote "love" on their chests.. I've danced in Mandalas with Aleister Crowley twice and the knights of Templar once... and meditated with Buddha, winked and hugged by Jesus, and prayed with Muhammad .. They taught me that life is really an illusionary ride ... to be enjoyed.. to be shared rather than to be defended ... then I walked up across my Temple of Serpent, towards my Qibla .... where my heart stopped... my spirit stood still and my mind shrank into a particle of Harmony.. As unspecial as the trees, I am just another you... who sees all as Somebody, called Love..